Creation of an own-brand business for new CMOS sensors

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We have decided to establish our own brand of CMOS sensor business in April 2021.

At present, Rosnes is the only independent venture company in Japan that is fully engaged in CMOS sensor development. In recent years, many of the independent and venture companies that have developed CMOS sensors in Japan have been absorbed by major domestic and foreign companies, resulting in a decline in the number of companies.

Rosnes was established in January 2007, and for the past 15 years has been engaged in small-lot, high-mix contract development of dedicated CMOS sensors commissioned by customers.

In recent years, Rosnes has received many requests from various fields, such as consumer and industrial applications, for the development and mass production of standard products, and has decided to start a full-scale business of developing and mass producing its own brand CMOS sensors.

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