Analog etc. circuit design contract business

1)CMOS sensor (pixel, ADC, etc.) design technology

2)Data converter design technology

  • SlopADC, SARADC, PiplineADC, ΔΣADC,etc.
  • DAC, etc.

3)clocking design technology

  • PLL/DLL/OSC, etc.

4)Operational amplifier driver design technology

5)Other design technologies requested by customers

[Rosnes Circuit Design Consultancy]

  1. Specifications are agreed by discussing each other.
  2. Circuit design is done by Rosnes. (Joint design is also OK)
  3. The chip can be made by foundries through Rosnes control.
  4. The chip is evaluated by Rosnes and customer.
  5. The chip can be manufactured and delivered by Rosnes at mass production

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