Rosnes was established in January 2007, and for the past 15 years has been developing 2D-CMOS sensors such as smart phone, security camera and medical etc...

During the time, 2D-CMOS sensors technology didn’t expand strongly, so, new attractive 2D-CMOS sensors was not developed a lot.

As a result, many of the independent and venture companies that have developed CMOS sensors in Japan have been absorbed by major domestic and foreign companies, resulting in a decline in the number of companies.

At present, Rosnes is the only independent venture company in Japan that is fully engaged in the development of CMOS sensors.

On the other hand, in the rapidly expanding image sensor market, the importance of three-dimensional (3D) shape recognition images for robots, drones, shape measurement devices, face recognition, etc., is rapidly being demanded as an application different from image quality.

Therefore, Rosnes see this as a great opportunity to enter a new growth potential market, and have decided to develop (3D) CMOS sensors for distance measurement.